Konform Bean Bag Filling

Has your bean bag chair lost its comfort, is it looking slightly deflated? Don’t throw it away – revive it with quality Konform Beads the best flame retardant virgin polystyrene beads that are more durable than low quality beads found on Ebay or Amazon. Each Konform bean bag bead measures 2-3 mm in diameter, and are springy and dense which means they aren’t over expanded, and will provide lasting comfort and support longer than the traditional refill beans you find in the big box stores. 

Simply pour the Konform polystyrene beads into your Konfo beanbag to replenish the bean bag and bring it back to life – adding extra support and comfort. You can easily refill any bean bag chair with Konform beans thanks to the easy to use zipper on the bottom of the bean bag chair – simply unzip, refill, re-zip and fluff, it’s that easy. 

Quality is our primary driver and that’s why our bean bag chair beans aren’t the typical beads you’ll find for sale all over the Internet – our bean bag chair beads are lightweight, high quality EPS – expanded polystyrene beans that are certified flame retardant beans which are smaller, denser and last longer than the competition. Our bean bag chair filling also provides a firmer and more comfortable seat! 

Konform Beads Product Features:

The Konform beads are available in 3.5 Cubic Foot (CF) increments which converts to 100 Liters of bean bag refill. The beads are packaged in a clear plastic bag and will be shipped in their own packaging, with contents of the bag visible. Most bean bag chair applications will require one or two 3.5 CF bags of Konform bean bag filling. If you are unsure of the total volume required for your bag, contact us and we will do the math for you!